Are You Afraid of Outsourcing?

Scenario: You just started your own business and are very excited. You start out very happy doing everything on your own and you are gradually working toward the success that you have always wanted to achieve. One day you realize that the business you once loved has turned into a nightmare. Your work is overwhelming you and you are becoming stressed. Even though you have a tremendous amount of work to do, you do not want to outsource any of this work because you feel that no one would do it the way that you want it done. After all, you have been doing all of this work for years, and think that you can still manage it on your own.

Does this sound like you? If so, step back, take a deep breath, and think about the possibilities of outsourcing. It’s really not a bad idea. Just because you outsource your work does not mean that you are giving up on your business. You are, in fact, accepting that you need help and wanting to build on the success of your organization. This is great. Don’t feel that you have failed your business because you can’t do it all yourself. Your business is growing; which is what you have been working to achieve. And when you achieve growth, you gain more work. When you gain more work, you need more help.

Think about it – Where would many of the businesses be today if they did not outsource? Everyone needs help at some point. In fact, if you do need help it means that your business is becoming a success. To keep building on that success means that you have to outsource at some point in your business. You have worked so hard to make it this far. Don’t let the fear of outsourcing affect the livelihood of your business and your life. You and your business deserve to keep moving forward and build on the success that you worked so hard to achieve.

When the time comes and you do decide to outsource, you need to make sure that you find the right Virtual Assistant that fits your business and is capable of doing the work that you assign them. This will make the transition much easier for you. And you will never regret taking that step towards outsourcing.

Just remember outsourcing is not a bad thing. Virtual Assistant’s can help you build on the success of your organization. They are there to provide your business with the support you need. With support, you will, once again, become excited with running your business.

Final Thought: Outsourcing is a great way to grow your organization and become the great success that you originally set out to achieve.


Name: JudyAnn Lorenz
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Michelle, you’ve brought up excellent points about the concerns of outsourcing. Virtual assistants as outsourcing options do not have the public awareness that they should have. Therefore, new businesses just don’t think about them when needing outsourcing. New businesses and old businesses can read about possibilties for their offices at Partnering with a Virtual Assistant, the offical blog for which focuses on information for clients and potential clients. Keep up the good work building public awareness!

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Ah, you’ve touched on that pivotal point that many businesses reach. To grow or remained fixed. I think a key is to begin a business with the vision of what it will look like at it’s mature state. When the business is fully operational how many workers will be needed? Include virtual assistants, subcontractors, outsourcers, employees — the works! If business growth is approached with this viewpoint then when the work demand grows beyond doing it by yourself many of the transitional questions will have already been thought of and it will make for an easier transition. Excellent topic to get us thinking about strategic business growth and planning, Michelle!

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